Chocolatier Julie Bio

Julie is the owner, visionary and formulator of Ziva Chocolates based in Denver, CO. She is in her 7th year of business creating decadent hand crafted artisan truffles, caramels, dips, drizzles and bars using premium 100% Natural and Organic ingredients. Julie was fortunate to have been brought up in a household where she learned a great deal about how to use high quality ingredients in all types cooking from her mother.

This later benefited her especially after her move to Denver. Her mother-in-law had given her some unique hand rolled chocolate truffle recipes from Spain incorporating spices from the land.  From there, a couple years later, Ziva Chocolates was created. Ziva has perfected the skill of infusions with alcohol spirits, coffees, teas, spices, oils and pure extracts. Experience the Soirees!

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