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Currently, we are running the “Retreat of Innovation” in The New Motor City- Detroit, Michigan. The comeback story of all time. What an honor to see and walk the redevelopment of what was once the 5th Avenue of the mid-west and stay in the hotel that has once the tallest in the World-fully renovated. Cocktail receptions are set in prominent architectural locations and retreat attendees have choices for team building activities apart from meetings and dining.

We are so excited about our faraway and foreign locations for corporate retreats and they do not disappoint.  These trips travel throughout the country and across oceans. The retreats created by eclectic incorporated are mostly thematic in nature and a few of the properties are quite surprising!  Travel to the French Riviera and stay at Julia Child’s home as an additional add-on or prize. Walk the lavender fields and learn to cook French provincial. There are over 11 golf courses surrounding Nice, France. We are currently securing ocean side properties in Cannes, Nice and Antibes. Request a 3 or 5 day retreat for overseas locations and we will design a custom retreat for your contemporaries, employees, vendors and clients.

Our retreats are password protected in order to submit your custom retreat programs.

We welcome the opportunity to work wth you!

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