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We are now equipped for small, medium and large sized paint and sip acrylic painting groups!

For smaller sized groups of 5 to 30 people-consider our Mural Painting exercise.

Paint your own individual, personalized portion of a masterpiece in groups. At the end of this journey your department can hang the finished mural that you create together for a wall in the office. Sure to develop morale in the workplace and the memory lasts year round, and for many years to come! We have large canvases as well as smaller stretches-When pieced together, your department will feel like the Sistine Chapel!

Our Paint and Sip activity will not disappoint.

What makes our team building Paint and Sips unique is ability to choose an image that you actually want to paint. Not everyone has to paint the same image.

The average timeframe is two hours and we have numerous options to choose from: Landscapes, florals, still lifes and animals  (Acrylics/All materials provided).

 Great for all sized breakouts and luncheons!

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