Customized To Suit Your Needs

We design and implement custom programs by specific categories and timeframes. We update our standard offerings regularly for our properties and our clients.

Photography and DJ available upon request.

Our exceptional lineup includes…

Ice Breakers

In any field, members of departments may need some assistance in social situations. Successful teams know each other well and take advantage of personal strengths and assets in many situations. Allow our short exercises to break through the ice to help lighten up environments in order to strengthen the bond between group members.

Getting Acquainted

Event attendees can dive deeper with our getting acquainted activities. These activities and games are longer than ice breakers and assist group participants get to know each other at a much deeper level. Perfect for new or existing groups of people!

Trust Building

Trust is a vital component of any team, organization, or group.  We have many activities to increase physical and emotional trust between your members making a safe environment for your work place.

Problem Solving

Our problem solving exercises help educate specific groups learn to solve simple, everyday problems and to redefine complex problems together, and with respect for one another.


Communication is key in any group.  Communication saves time, money and sometimes feelings.  With our communication activities, we teach your members the skills needed for excellent communication between each other.


Creativity drives innovation and spirit. Our creativity activities strengthen your team members’ creative thinking and collaboration skills.

Motivational Games

Our motivational games will help make the spark to motivate your employees creating excitement and productivity between your team members.


Our leadership activities add power to any workshop, training or coaching session. Event attendees at all levels in business can benefit from our leadership activities, exercises and games within any meeting or convention.

Managerial to Subordinate

Provide your employees the opportunity to interface with management in a new surrounding. Our managerial to subordinate relationship building opportunities induce excitement and build trust, within and across all departments.

Executive to Client

Our executive to client activities provide a platform for entertaining outside of current relationships. These are fun and productive, making excellent use of time within any meeting, conference or trade show.

Digital Games & Activities

Many of our exercises, activities and games are in digital format. eclectic incorporated provides unique solutions while staying current within the digital age.

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